Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My KitchenAid mixer...good for another 15 years?

I have had this wonderful old KitchenAid Mixer for about 15 years or so. It was a joint Christmas gift from Allan and my sister Jessica. I love it so much. Who knew that a mixer could have sentimental value. When I was using it last night to make Figgy Pudding, it was making a high pitched metal on metal sound when I turned it off, so I asked Allan if he knew what it was? Of course he grabbed some tools and began dismantling it. He found the sound was coming from some ball bearings that had no oil or grease. He gave them a shot of oil and it is good to go. I am so glad that I didn't need a new one. Although I would have used it until it ground to a slow and screeching halt never to run again. I don't like to replace things until they need replacing. There is something wonderful about using old things that I love.

This is what the inside of my old KitchenAid mixer looks like.




Jenny said...

I was looking at my old stove last night & wishing it could last forever. It looks awful, an 80's gold with most of the #s worn off the dials. I've been browsing stoves so I'll know what I want when it finally dies but I can't find anything I like half so much as the one I own.

I got my first kitchenaide mixer for Christmas! My son & daughter-in-law gave it to me. They bought it used from a co-worker last summer. (They know I appreciated & love thrifted gifts as much or more than new ones). T I was more excited with their joy in giving it to me than anything. They were so excited & have talked about 'my big gift' all fall. It sure is nice for my arthritic hands not to have to hold a hand mixer & stir!

Erin said...

Thank you for your stove story Jenny. And don't you love your KitchenAid!! It is the one thing I would definitely replace if it died on me.
Like you I don't like to replace things....we haven't had a matching washer and dryer, or fridge and stove since we bought our originals in 1979.

Love and a little red dog said...

Great post! Looks like quite the DIY project!

Erin said...

Thank you Love. It came out perfectly.