Sunday, August 22, 2021

Wallpaper removal. Yes it is as much work as people say it is!

I have just spent the first few days in my new house. The first thing I noticed is how big it seems. Also, with my incredibly terrible sense of direction, I get lost. True story…on day one, I headed from where I was, to go somewhere else. I walked around and did a big loop through three rooms and found the place I was looking for, which was actually right beside the spot I started from. It had been right behind me. I have been dealing with this ‘directional disorder’ my whole life so I just laugh. I did shake my head, because this was bad even for me.

Wallpaper removal is a nightmare. There is quite a bit of it in this house and three of us have been working at it for three days and have two rooms done. I think my sister is right with her one week estimate. 

Update: two months have gone by and I am still cleaning glue off the stripped wallpaper walls. I took a total of maybe seven days that I didn’t work on this. “One week estimate”… I snort with laughter. 

We are now working in a hallway and kitchen. 

Thursday, August 05, 2021

I love garlic cleaning day!!!

Since I first started growing garlic 10 years ago, my favorite part of it is cleaning day. Today was that day. By far the rock star this year was the Music Garlic that I got from Wild Rose on Gabriola. Look at the size of the one in my hand. For the record….my hands are not petite. The bowl of garlic is the seed to plant this fall. 

Large beer mug for scale.