Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh so sad...

Each morning I tear outside to check on all of the new plantings. Everything looked great. I uncovered the pumpkin plant. I had placed a large clay pot over it last night as we had that arctic frigid wind that this spring is getting famous for. It looked great and thankful.

I moved on to the greenhouse. I have been watching my baby basil plants poking out in three nice straight rows. I looked. Closer, closer..then I backed up. Back, back... I'm 55 and can't see close up, but for some strange reason I continue to try on occasion. No matter which distance I chose it came out the same. They were gone. I found four little plants huddled together behind a dirt lump. I was mortified. I immediately logged on the iPad and started googling "natural slug remedies". I came up with two. Vinegar sprayed around the border and corn meal. It's supposed to kill them. Also, a border of ash, but I don't have any. So I did the vinegar and corn meal. Karen is going to give me some ashes, so I'll give it all I've got!!! I have replanted.

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