Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It took a mere three yards of soil to fill two beds

A bit messy, but along the fence is the raspberry bed and the new
compost bins on the right. Note the mint in between. I didn't know
they like shade!
Last night we began filling up the raspberry patch with soil. It took almost two yards to fill the raspberry bed. It is irregular shaped, but one side is ten feet long. Yesterday Amanda and I raked up all the straw that was around the garden. It was put there to kill off the grass and weeds. It didn't work. Where the actual path was, the grass is dead, but the rest of the area was grass and weeds merrily pushing up through the loose straw. We moved the straw into the bottom of the two finished compost bins and in the bottoms of the berry beds. In the raspberry bed, the straw contained pieces of buttercup. YIKES!!! So I put down a double layer of cardboard on top of the straw. Once we filled it with soil, I knew that the straw and cardboard would settle, so I had Allan heap the soil a bit. I'm watering the beds to create more weight to push the straw down. So, I'm going to be patient and wait a few days to put the berries in.
I was thinking that as I only have one raspberry plant in that huge bed, I can get some winter veg to fill the bed for the winter. How fun!!

The strawberry bed. The area will be mulched and will have the Japanese Maples
as a backdrop. I think it'll be beautiful.
In the soil I found a piece of crockery / white china and a broken 4" knife blade. Glad I found that before I worked in the dirt with my hands!

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