Monday, October 24, 2011

Plants still determined to flower and be beautiful

Even at the end of October you can find flowers blooming, trying to bloom, sending out new growth...isn't nature amazing!? Here are some pictures of my plants doing just well as a few Japanese Maple photo's just because I love the colour!
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple, again
Perennial Fuchsia. Love perennials.

Another perennial fuchsia. This one gets flowers about
three inches across.

Looking up into my twenty foot holly.
Daylily sending up another flower spray.
And yet another Japanese Maple.


  1. I love the Japanese Maples. I have had two in the past, but they both died! Maybe I should re-plant...

  2. Hello:
    Thought I'd check out your site. Lots of great information. I especially like the photo of the fuschia -- beautiful colors.

  3. Hi Mark I was born in ontario. We moved away when I was 11 and for 44 years I have missed the fall colour. So, when I discovered that Japanese Maples bore those same beautiful colours as the sugar maples of my childhood. I started buying them in the fall for the colours. Then this spring I finally got them in the ground....and I discovered the NEED to grow veggies. The maples were right in the centre of the yard and about half of them had to go. I found a gardening buddy to take them. So now I have a raised strawberry bed with gorgeous maples behind it as a back drop. What is your planting zone Mark? It sure would be worth a try.

  4. Hi NGDM. It is wonderful to see you here. Thank you for the visit. Do you grow fuchsias? I am crazy about them. I have a perennial flower border and in it are the two perennials and one that wasn't supposed to be perennial, but has been in my garden for about 25 years. The one that is in the picture that gets so huge is a very special plant. My sister knows the name of it. I'll find out for you and post it on the picture.

  5. I love your fuchsia! And I never tire of Japanese maples; they are beautiful in every season.

  6. I love Fuschias too...they are so beautiful...thousands of varieties...and easy to look after and propogate.

  7. Hi Deb and Bridget..I totally agree. When I first moved to the west coast after living in Calgary for 11 years, I bought a beautiful fuchsia right away. I still LOVE them 33 years later.

  8. Fall has been very delayed this year hasn't it? We have yet to have a significant frost here. I too and a few Japanese Maples and love their fall color.