Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fig leaves dropping and lots of pictures of the garden and greenhouse

Peter's Honey Fig...losing leaves
Peter's Honey Fig is dropping its leaves. I have mixed feelings. I am sad to see it wrapping up for the season, but happy to think that when it breaks dormancy it will grow like crazy. Such is the cycle of life.
I noticed that one of my azaleas has turned red.
Azalea with fall coat of red
I have had azaleas for over thirty years and have never had one turn red. Interesting. And while we're on the topic, for the third year in a row my rhododendron has some flowers in November. I planted the rhodo 32 years ago and never had a flower until spring. Something has definitely happened with our weather. Last year during this freak flowering, little chickadees were collecting white seeds from the cones on neighbor Barb's fir tree, and tucking them deep into the pink flowers, I assume to retrieve later in the winter. I hope they do it again this year.

Chilean Guava

Lettuce in greenhouse
Greenhouse bench, primroses, Christmas cactus budding, catnip and various others
Fuchsia's still blooming
Neighbor Lance's new leaf mulching facility...oooooooo, I love leaf mulch
Yes, I'm yelling!
Bunny poop percolating under the deck
And finally...only in Sidney...a rose bud


  1. Can you eat those Chilean guavas, or are they just ornamental?
    I have roses blooming too. And I'm still cropping French beans. I think the seasons have slipped a month or two.

  2. You can eat them. Last year I had hundreds on a small bush. This year I only had a few. I'm going to put it in the ground soon and hopefully get lots next year. I thought it was a zone 11 type plant but it turns out that they will grow outside here. They are very delicious! Tiny, but delicious.

  3. Oooh, the poo needs to breath! It'll just rot in those bags, not compost properly.
    Rhodos bloom any time of the year, depending on the variety.

  4. Hi buns!! I'll go out today and open the bags. Thanks you for telling me. I'm new to the bunny poo thing.
    What I'm finding weird about the rhodo is that I planted it 32 years ago and never had a November flower until three years ago. It only sent up flowers in spring. Hmmmmmmm.

  5. Well! My chilean guava is doing flushed out with berries as well. Do you have much experience with this plant being hardy? I'm new to it this year, but the berries are quite delicious.

  6. My comments aren't posting, this is a test.

  7. Well, something has changed with blogger and I can't seem to just make comments any more. It asks me to select a profile, I choose and it deletes the comment and tells me I need to sign out. I've done that and it still isn't working.

  8. Hi Nat...Are you in Victoria? I have pushed my guava up against the greenhouse this winter. I want to do a bit more research before I plant it.