Thursday, November 10, 2011

The sun is so bright it looks like summer. And yet...

I find myself pining for summer. The sun today makes me want to run into the garden, but it's over for now. And then...
Bright Lights
I stroll. All there really is to do in the garden is walk, stop, breathe and admire. The beauty of Bright Lights Chard in the sun takes my breath away. Then look at the cauliflower and see the little holes slugs have eaten, that give the leaves a lacy look. And I'm not mad at the slugs. I can see that the Salad Bowl lettuce is still not flowering, but I have hopes of seeds. The lettuce I've put in the greenhouse bed looks about three weeks to actual salads! The garden beds look wonderful covered in straw with little vegetables and berries peaking through. I marvel at how much we accomplished in six months. My heart didn't know there was an empty spot, but now that it's filled I feel very complete.


  1. Sounds as if you have experienced an "Epiphany", as Anthony Bourdain would say...

  2. "your heart didn't know there was an empty spot"..I loved that. It is a marvel...and sometimes I feel, a miracle. Hope your salad greens are on your plates in a few weeks. Can't compare to store bought. Oh, Red Salad Bowl and Green Salad Bowl are two of my favourites. Have you tried growing spicy Mizuna? I think you are hooked Erin;-)

  3. Nice post! It's good to take the time to look back at our successes. Hope your next year brings twice as much gardening pleasure.

  4. Hi Mark. Epiphany is a great word for it!!

    Hi Brenda. I think I'm hooked too. I have not tried spicy Mizuna. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the tip. Do you let salad bowl go to seed? I grew it all summer and it never bolted. That is of course a good thing...I don't know whether to just pull them out and compost them?

    Thanks Joan. Next year will be awesome!!!!

  5. Autumn is a good season for reflecting back!

  6. Sounds wonderful Erin. Seems like you have a happy moment there.