Saturday, March 10, 2012

The garden shed is up...the garden shed is up!!

What gardener does not want a shed?
I do. Or, I did. My sister has moved into a lovely condo and that left a neat little shed without a home. 'I'll take it...I'll take it!!!!' So now I have a shed. I scoped out the yard and came up with what is truly the worst possible spot for it.
1. There is an old 33 year old willow tree in the corner I wanted it.
2. This willow corner floods in the winter. The water table rises to about five inches above ground.
So yesterday, long suffering husband Allan, took out the tape measure to figure out if it would squeeze along side the huge willow trunk. Barely. Then he hatched a plan to elevate it. Using pier posts, 2x4's and plywood, he raised a platform. Today when I got home..ta da, shed is done. How lucky am I.


  1. It looks really good! I have a 14'x25' and a 6'x25' building and we are planning another one. Its amazing the stuff we collect!

  2. Hi Clint. If someone had told me two years ago that I could get this excited about a garden shed...well....I'm sure I would have just had a blank stare on my face. Huh?
    I cannot wait to start loading all the pots and tools and stuff out of the greenhouse into the shed. This is going to be fun!!

  3. Result! But is it more exciting than compost???

  4. Hi Erin,
    It is exciting! You'll have a place to keep all your gardening treasures organized and protected...a good feeling. My shed is a 2'x4' little house, tiny, but still helpful.

  5. Dear Erin, I share your enthusiasm for garden sheds! Congratulations -- every gardener needs one! Yours looks great. Now all it needs are some 'country' embellishments such as a wreath and a welcome sign. Oh dear, I'm going too far aren't I? P. x

  6. Pam...I will consider the wreath. What a fun idea. I am planning to embellish the garden a bit.
    Mark...let me think. More exciting than compost. Hmmmm. Ummmmm...okay, I don't know. I'm conflicted. I think they both rate as a 10 for me.
    Daisy. I can't wait to start organizing my stuff.

  7. What a clever use for an unuseable corner!

  8. Every greenhouse needs a shed, lol. What a clever husband you have, to elevate it above the flood level.

  9. How clever to devise a elevation plan to get your shed above flood level. Every greenhouse needs a shed.

  10. Hi Nell. If you read today's posting, I actually put some stuff in it today. I don't have shelving or anything, but I really needed room. I think I might go take some pics. Yeah, resting the back and arm...that didn't last long.

  11. You'll love it! We've got a little over 8 acres of land so we could fit a larger shed (or barn) but when my husband moved in 9 years ago (before he met me) he put in a plastic shed very similar to yours. It's pretty adequate and I don't know what we would do without it... it stores the lawn mower, wheel barrow, garden implements... all sorts of stuff. (Alas, it's so stuffed I can't use it for, say potting... that's the one big thing it's missing. I wish I had a greenhouse. I pot in the basement when the weather is bad, or on the lawn or the deck when the weather is nice.

    As for a sign... I haven't made this yet, but we have named our house/land a somewhat tongue-in-cheek name (that is, much grander than what reality calls for) and I was going to stencil a sign with that name and put it over our shed!

    My pallet compost bin is right behind it.

  12. I am so...envious, there I said it, envious of your 8 acres. Do you veggie garden? I am dying to know what you've name it. Do you blog? Is your bin a three bin system?

    And name is Erin and I'm a gardening addict.
    Hello erin