Thursday, March 22, 2012

Negronne fig is tucked away by the greenhouse

I picked up my Negronne Fig this morning. As usual Bob Duncan gave me lots of information. It is quite a tall plant. He showed me how he likes them to grow. We toured his figs. Always low for easy fruit picking. His trees branch out very low. Mine branches up a few feet off the ground. To force it to branch low he recommends pruning it very short and forcing it to branch. I can then root the top as they root quite easily, using a mix of vermiculite and peat and a plastic bag. I will take pictures on the day I do the harsh pruning.
It says it is eight degrees outside. I suppose technically it is, but yet again, there is arctic cold in the air. It may be eight, but it feels like zero. Due to the arctic freeze, I snugged the fig up beside the greenhouse.

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