Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meyer Lemon tree. How beautiful can a lemon be!!

I am in love with my Meyer Lemon. We had our first lemon last week. You can indeed taste the orange in it's background. I can see why they think it was originally bred with a mandarin orange. They are delicious. Everyone should have one.


  1. I have seen several bloggers write about the Meyer Lemon, and they all agree that it is superb. Yours lokks laden with fruit too.

  2. Mark it is such a beautiful tree. It has 33 lemons on it, I bought it in the spring, transplanted it and put it in the greenhouse until the end of May. It floored in the full sun all summer. It had about 58 tiny lemons, but it dropped many. I now have the 33 healthy lemons. Can't wait to harvest them.

  3. They smell divine Erin!! I know some people dry the peel to mix with peppers to sprinkle on fish. Your tree looks so healthy!

    1. Hi Brenda. I have a recipe for Mandarin Rosemary rub. I am going to do just what you are suggesting. I'm going to make a lemon pepper rub for fish. Brilliant!!!!

  4. Oh if only we could have a lemon tree...parked right next to the gin cabinet!

  5. Jane...I like the way you think.