Thursday, March 14, 2013

A project for next winter. When there is no gardening to be done.

I struggled this winter with the void created when the gardening ceased. Don't get me wrong, I found lots of little puttering around and planning things to do, but felt a bit lost. I started cleaning and purging the house as you know, but what then.
Then I found Susan Branch and her blog. In her blog she features vintage 50's style decor. She loves old appliances, linens and collectibles. I saw one of her old embroidered tea towels in the blog, embroidered with an 'old school' design from my childhood. EUREKA. I went on the hunt. I am nearing the end of a Hawaiian vacation and a bit of it was spent in craft and fabric stores....and a bit of ebay.....and I have enough to get me through a couple of winters.
This picture is one of my eBay finds!!

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