Saturday, March 23, 2013

Does anyone have a few seeds for this plant, that I could have?

I have been looking for seeds for this type of cornflower for two years and just can't find any. I can get the regular looking ones, but I love these ones that look like a firework exploding. I grew them years ago. Does anyone have a few seeds I could have?


  1. I will look to see if mine resembles the one you have posted. If so, will dig up a piece, put in a baggie and mail. Mine certainly 'travels' so beware. It is an old variety (will send history) but I note, quite large and quite blue. Stand by.

  2. Thank you Brenda. I appreciate it. I used to have them and remember them being a bit, lets say, intrusive. I'm all over the weeding now, so hopefully I can keep it under control. :-)