Thursday, July 18, 2013

A humbling moment in the garden.

I often go outside at sunset. I stroll around. I pull a few weeds, I watch the sunset...I admire my wonderful vegetables. Growing. Tonight the thing that got my attention was the baby Spaghetti Squash. It is growing about an inch a day. It is about five inches long now. I have placed a bed of straw under it so it doesn't rot. The squash's are planted in the most easterly garden. I was standing quietly, just contented and serene really. I have never seen a dragonfly at sunset. I noticed there were two flying over the garden. They began circling the garden and me about ten feet away. Around and around. I could hear the wings making a clickety click sound. I never noticed that dragonfly's wings made noise before. My ever present garden buddy Beamer started making that clucking noise that some cats make when they see a bird. Beamer has never done that before. Never. The dragonfly's started coming closer. Their circle was getting smaller. They were circling Beamer and I, not the garden. Then they would cut across and go over my head. Wow. I've never had them so close. Then they were closer, closer, flying lower. After maybe 30 circles they were flying about six inches over my head. When they cut across their circle they were flying within six inches of my face. I just watched and stood dumbstruck. I could not wipe the smile off my face. Beamer stopped clucking and just watched them too. 

I will never take for granted the beauty I see and awe I feel witnessing our world and it's inhabitants....or my tiny little place in it.