Monday, July 15, 2013

I didn't know that lavender came in yellow ! I love it.

Saturday I volunteered at the first Victoria Lavender Festival. It was a lot of fun. Fields of lavender and so many beautiful animals. Alan has a horse Brian, sheep, geese, chickens and roosters, border collies, peacocks and white peacocks. I hope I didn't miss any. I love animals so it was a real treat. 
There was a short break in the booth I was manning and I dashed next door to the lavender plant sale. I am not usually one for plants in exotic colours. I like plants to look the way they are 'supposed to'. OMG. It was a yellow lavender. Lavendula Viridis. I could not resist and it is already planted in the garden. I put this one in the flower border. I know the purple lavenders attract bees and pollinators, so I am tucking them around the yard in strategic places. The yellow has been placed simply where I think it will be beautiful. 


  1. Does it smell as good as the purple?

  2. Hi Joan. It does smell as good. It is different though. Hard to explain. Like purple, but with a fruity sort of note in it.