Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh my God!!! We got some potatoes from our dead plants.

This beautiful Hod {I've always called them Trugs} from Lee Valley was a gift from Allan this past Christmas. Isn't it lovely.

Our potato plants died. Turned yellow and died. Never got lush and green, never flowered. So today Allan and I went out to remove the wire, dirt and straw. I felt it was a recovery mission. No chance of live potatoes. Well, we were wrong. There wasn't a months worth or anything, but we aren't complaining. We were like a couple kids at Christmas. We had some for supper tonight and they were delicious!!


  1. I had a feeling you would find some potatoes..and these are unblemished and beautiful. All good!

  2. You were right. We have enough for ten suppers. We are totally psyched for next year.