Thursday, October 03, 2013

Raspberry of life's finer things.

I cannot tell you how much satisfaction I get from canning, growing, preserving and preparing food. Growing veggies and fruit has given me a whole new respect and love of food. I enjoy sharing what I make and grow with people. 
So at nine tonight I decided to make a batch of raspberry jam for Allan. I rarely eat jam, but he has it every night. I bought him some from the Sidney Market, but it just wasn't as good. Not to toot my own horn....but my jam really is pretty good. 
So he grudgingly ate the jam I bought, but he kept asking when I was going to be making more. Well today is that day my friend, today is that day.

The beginning of the raspberry jam. Made from my favorite farmer Dan's organic raspberries and non-GMO cane sugar. 

Jam aftermath.

The finished product!! I'll get a better picture when the sun is out. 

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