Sunday, November 10, 2013

First Poly Tunnel attempt......a failure

We started the day really excited about putting our first Poly Tunnel or Hoop House together. Everything was going smashingly, until we tried to bend the PVC into arches. It was REALLY difficult. We were using PVC plumbing connectors.We are using 3/4" PVC which is about an inch across in total. We were bending two 8 foot long pieces to meet in the middle to the connector. It would be a tall hoop, but kinda cool I thought. When we got it just about there the connector snapped. It is about 9 degrees celcius today, could that be it?

Can any of you brilliant gardeners enlighten us?

                Look it's Beamer the gardening cat!!


  1. We used electrical conduit..more flexible. But, ours are only about three foot tall. Don't think they would support 8 foot.

    Great raised beds btw.

  2. I have a plan. A cunning plan. I'll know tomorrow if it will work. It could be exciting. :-)

  3. We have a PVC arch for making garden vegetable tunnel...similar to what you intent to do...but it was given to us as it is, so I dont really have any idea how they bended it. We never really put it to use because we've found out that a tall pollytunnel is very susceptible to winter's windy days and snow weight accumulation. We prefer the thin bended metal rod which we stick into the ground and drape a plastic cover over it..its just about a foot or two- easy and convinient to use. Looking forward to your innovation:)

  4.'s dark but I just went out with a flashlight. We got it!! I shall post soon and show you what went to horribly wrong....and then wheat went right.