Monday, November 25, 2013

Hoop House, or Polytunnel, is up and running.

                 Polytunnel / Hoop House of my dreams

forgot my camera at the store. Yes, again. I was looking for a hoop house picture similar to mine to show you. I stumbled on this picture. It is just so much bigger, better and fuller than mine, I had to use it. I really need a bigger back yard. 

I completely forgot that I have Mache seeds in the fridge. I am going to sprinkle some among the lettuce seeds in the hoop house.

The hoop house took a piece of greenhouse plastic 16x11'. After cutting up the plastic for the hoop house I found that I had a leftover piece that is 8x16'. I've read that you can get tape for this plastic so 
I only need another piece that is three feet (by 16' wide) I think it was $1.75 a foot? Yayyy!


  1. it looks so lush and green inside your poly tunnel ... a fantastic way to extend the growing season

  2. I am going to put two or three of my raised beds under a huge polytunnel like this!!

  3. Tape can be found at our fav store! Lee Valley.

    1. Thanks Brenda!! I have the catalogue right beside me!! I'm going in.

    2. It is UV tape..won't rot in the sun.

  4. Excellant!! You always have the answers!!