Sunday, November 03, 2013

November Gardening!!

We had a huge storm on Friday night. Wind, rain and more wind. I went out to survey my domain today and found little in the way of wind damage. The lemon and lime tree are blooming like crazy in the greenhouse and I see small little fruits forming. Joy! 
I checked on the Borlotti Beans. They didn't suffer too badly from the rain, but I cut them all off {yes this is all of them} and brought them in to dry. I picked my Jonagold apples. Aren't they a sight. They are less than two inches across. I'm going to eat them anyway!!
I wandered, puttered and admired. It is a freak sunny day about 10 degrees so I was loving it. 
I'm very glad that we got the manure pile covered before the torrential rain. 
I've just sat down to have a wonderful nespresso with some Camino organic hot chocolate in it. Oh yummmmmmm.

I planted a bunch of these over sized Snowdrops. I put them between the blueberries in the blueberry walk. I love them. Any excuse to plant snowdrops...the ultimate spring flower. 


  1. I'd eat those apples too, if they were mine. Size isn't everything! Quality is more important.