Monday, December 16, 2013

Finally....a Bread Maker on the way to my house.

I have done a ton of research on Bread Makers. I knew I would use one a lot. My cousin, who lives in Inuvik, bought one of these Breville BBM800XL's and raves about it, so the decision was made.

In addition to growing as much of my food as I can, I am making everything I can from scratch. I started making bread as a teenager, so it's not that I can't bake bread, I just find that between the garden and the store, my time is a bit stretched, so the decision to get a bread maker was easy. It took almost a year to finally make a decision on make and model.

Here is a link to the best price I found on my Breville Bread Maker. And the shipping was free!!!


  1. The Captain is the breadmaker in the family. I would in barbeque...the man of the house takes on this experience with gusto. It works great here!! I do meals..he does bread.. SMILE Uses his mother's recipe I might add!! Ahh...the perfect Captain!

  2. He is a keeper my friend. Does he use a bread maker or knead by hand? Does he share his recipes?

    1. He uses a bread maker, not deluxe like the one you ordered. Yah, he would love that! Yes to sharing...