Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well if that isn't the yummiest bread ever.

am a very literal person. I tend to be left brained. Now that said...this is how my first bread making in the Breville started. I carefully read the ingredients, amounts and the directions. I started by adding the ingredients one by one in the order listed. Exactly as they say. I got to the flour and dumped it into the container. It was quite a moment. The flour hit the liquid and floury liquid splashed up and all over the inside of the breadmaker. You see, I hadn't removed the bread pan from the inside of the machine. The goopy water ran down the inside all over the elements etc. I had to detail the Breadmaker. "But it didn't say to remove the pan before throwing in ingredients. What!!??" Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense.....
The new Breville Breadmaker is a hit. I made a little loaf and it is delicious! As soft as a purchased loaf and the right density. The reason this makes me so happy is that Allan buys bread. That soft 100% whole wheat bread from the supermarket that is full of a bunch of things I don't like to eat. So I don't want him eating them either. He found the organic bread just too hard and seedy. We each made a piece of toast today from the bread, and we both feel it is the best toast we've ever had. 


  1. Does it stay soft the next day? Usually that is the downfall of breadmakers in my opinion. The next day, the bread is too dry to eat in a sandwich.

  2. It seems fine to me. I will pay more attention next time. I tend to make toast. I'll try a sandwich and report back.

  3. It's nice to be in control, isn't it? (Of your bread, I mean).