Sunday, April 13, 2014

A weekend check list...

Now that the Japanese Maples have been moved out of Garden Central, I am inspired and anxious to get things moving along. It was pointed out to me recently that a plan is just an idea until you put a date on it. Because of this simple, yet extremely wise piece of advice, I have become fanatical about scheduling myself at the store instead of going in each day and just plodding along getting the insurmountable tasks, orders, taxes, payroll, and on, and on...underway. Now I have a task, maybe two, each day and then just do whatever else strikes my fancy, but without the panic of deadlines looming. It all gets done. This new way of viewing work, has rolled over into my home life. I cannot believe the amount I can get done!!! I highly recommend it. 

        Compassion Farm Sunflowers. They are HUGE!!!

So, my garden tasks:
-remove tags from Japanese Maples.  DONE
-spread manure in the perennial flower bed.  HALF DONE
-more manure on blueberries.  DONE
-manure on asparagus and rhubarbs.  DONE
-mix a big batch of organic dry fertilizer.  DONE
-prune rhodo at front after flowering.  DONE
-feed citrus trees.  DONE
-remove grass from around fruit trees.  ALMOST DONE
-plant Compassion Farm sunflower seeds.  DONE
-clean up the last bed full of fall rye.  DONE
-start weedwacking the back yard for cardboard and lasagna beds.  DONE
-remove strings from Jonagold.  DONE
-tie down the ambrosia tree branches.  DONE
-plant pansies.  DONE
-figure out where to make a tiny hedge of six lavender Hidcote  DONE
-pot up the cuttings from the fall.  DONE
-transplant cymbidium orchid.  DONE
-divide the mint and oregano.  DECIDED THEY CAN GO ANOTHER YEAR!!

Had to stop...plain old exhausted.


  1. You are one busy girl!

  2. Dontcha love it!? Jessi!! Things are growing this year. Yayyyyy.