Monday, May 05, 2014

Tomatoes potted. Started clearing grass out of the orchard.

The tomato flats are now empty and plants that had reached the grow lights, are now in one gallon pots. I ended up disposing of several smaller plants. As usual I seeded more than I needed.

I dug and pulled out the grass that had grown up to the trunk of the plum tree. Once I had cleaned quite far from the trunk, I brought out my favorite landscaping tool...the weed whacker. I put on my eye protection, flipped the weed whacker over and took the grass down to dirt. I keep doing it, and when the ground dries and the sun is bright and hot, I use my vinegar plant killer. It doesn't work properly unless you take the grass down to stubs and the sun needs to burn the sprayed foliage. Done this way it works as well as Roundup. 

Above is tree number one in the orchard of three. What? You don't think that constitutes an orchard. I've made up a rule. If you have more than two fruit trees beside each other, that is an orchard. So, as I was saying, I've done the one. I just need to get the other two done tomorrow hopefully. That will leave three more fruit trees and three fruit bushes. I have my work cut out for me. 

Look!!! Baby plums.


  1. I saw your blog listed on the Crafty Gardener's site and wondered which Sidney you might be in. That was easy to find. Then I read a few posts back. Fun to find another blogger close by.
    Yes, two fruit trees definitely constitutes an orchard. Last spring we put in a cherry tree, two apples, and an apricot from Fruit Trees and More. We also have a Meyer Lemon tree, which we are growing following Bob Duncan's advice. It's still covered with one layer of cloth, but there are several dozen lemons waiting to be picked. I'm hoping for a lemon party with the family to celebrate. I'll be watching for spider mites!

    Are your tomatoes sitting outdoors all the time already?

    1. Hi Lorrie. Do you live out this way?? I got all but two of my fruit trees from the Duncan's. I have three apples, one Cherry, one plum and two figs. I also have a Meyer lemon, Bearrs lime and a new satsuma mandarin. I also have chilean guavas and a black and a red currant. I started clearing out the orchard grass this weekend. Yayyy.

    2. Forgot.....I do not have the tomatoes outside. I had just potted them and watered. They went back in same day. They look awesome.