Thursday, May 29, 2014

We aren't allowed chickens in I settled for the next best thing.

At the store I carry a line of concrete garden ornaments. This beautiful chicken is one of them. In Sidney we are not allowed to have chickens, so I had to settle for second best! I think this really adds something to the homestead, don't you?


  1. Looks a bit grumpy..I like that! This would be in my garden bought from your shop, if I lived close. How about a few roundish granite eggs tucked underneath? ;-)

  2. Hi Bren!! It is the angle I chose. She actually doesn't look grumpy. :-)
    I love your idea of eggs. I am now officially on the hunt.

  3. Love it! Want one! NO make that NEED one!!!

    1. It really is lovely isn't it. I have put this picture in the new website I'm building for people who want chickens to be legal in Sidney.

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