Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Planting something next door, rather than removing, really felt good.

Today was another day to fill with gardening before the wood chips come.

Under the rhodo at my house, was a small Japanese Maple that had never done anything. Of course it got little light and competed for nutrients. I dug it out and moved it to the front garden next door. After all the tearing out and removal the past few days, it felt really good to plant something. 

I moved on to the back. There was an enormous old lavender hanging all the way across what is now the sidewalk. It will be the patio soon. So, I just pruned it back from the sidewalk. It turned out really well. I found a lot more stones, shells, glass, oh and a golf ball. Got it all cleaned out. I weeded and cleaned out the rest of the small bed. Maybe five feet long? So when it was done, I thought, when I get that load of manure from Mark to age over the winter, I can spread some here. I started laughing. I was sitting on the sidewalk literally surrounded by a field of manure. I spread some in the garden and couldn't wait to show Amanda. We decided that she could put her Thyme and Chives there...a little herb garden. They will be as close to the kitchen as you can get, for quick snips to go in her cooking. 

My next project will be weeding around the beautiful peony along the back wall. I can tell to look at it, it's in clay and it has been in there for ages. The grass has grown all through it. Do I hear a sympathic groan from all the gardeners I know?

We got most of the debris taken to the dump today. Thank you Allan. 

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