Sunday, January 18, 2015 lucky are those of us with greenhouses

Today my first Meyer Lemon of the year was ready to pick. Several Oranges were ripe too. Here is the bounty.

Okay, maybe it isn't really a bounty per se, but that lemon is gorgeous. I wish you could smell what I smell. 

Look at the size of it.

Here is the 'bounty' again with a Christmas gift I received for scale. Okay, I just wanted to put a tractor in the picture. 


  1. My grandmother grew Meyer lemons outdoors in Northern California. I'm not sure how they survived, but I remember lots of lemons on her small trees in front of the house. I would love to have a greenhouse, but I'm afraid the wind would destroy it at our cabin. - Margy

    1. It must be nice to grow them in California.

  2. That citrus is pretty special. You are very lucky to have a greenhouse. This post makes me excited to get our greenhouse up and running.

  3. I have a small lemon tree which is supposed to bear fruit even in the southern UK. It produces the most gorgeous smelling tiny white flowers and I've even had tiny green lemons … but then, every time, someone comes and knocks them off. So frustrating. I still have dreams of growing my own lemons but make do with smelling the leaves and flowers in the meantime.

  4. Looks like a bounty to me, Erin! Congratulations on your success. P. x