Monday, May 11, 2015

Spent Sunday with my Mom and Sister...we went garden centre hopping

On Mother's Day, my sister and I took our mom for lunch and then we hit a couple garden centres. Mom and Jess each bought a yellow Pattypan plant for their container gardens. I started some White Custard Pattypans for Jessie. They are her favorite!!

I got:
2 different types of artichoke
1 lovely light purple clematis
1 Himalayan Blue Poppy
2 six packs of marigolds
2 Blue Hydrangea's flowering and done up with pretty foil for Mother's Day. I know they have been forced, so they may stunt, but I'm patient. I've put them each into a gallon pot with fresh soil. 

I've moved the lime and orange trees to the deck already. I usually move them out at the end of May, but it is just so warm that I'm taking a chance. It shouldn't go to zero. If it got close I can carry them both so I could get them back to the greenhouse. I've left the lemon in there. It is VERY heavy. Today it was getting so hot in the greenhouse the citrus leaves were curling a bit, so I put the shade cloth up already. It is the price I have to pay to have sun in the back yard now. I am NOT complaining. I am thinking of buying a large sheet of burlap and screwing it to the roof on the outside of the greenhouse. I would just need to cut around the roof vent. I think it would work better than the shade cloth with the extreme heat. It has approached 50 degrees and it's still spring. 

First lemons of the year to juice. I juice, then freeze them in ice cube trays. 

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