Sunday, August 09, 2015

Goodbye dear little Ivy

Ivy came into our lives 16 1/2 years ago. We figured out later that she was the result of a disreputable breeder. A kitten mill if you will. We got Ivy home and a couple weeks later we found out the whole cattery where she came from had to be put down because of the disease FIP. So we didn't know if Ivy was going to live or not. After some testing and monitoring, my vet {Dr. Ellen Guttormson in Sidney} determined Ivy was most likely disease free. As Ivy grew, her Malocclusion became obvious. Her whole head was crooked causing a terribly off kilter bite and her jaw would lock open now and then. She was clumsy and had no balance so she would tumble or fall off things. She was not well socialized either {remember, kitten mill} but that was something we could take care of. We loved her and she blossomed. She was sweet. She was incontinent so she roamed around in a diaper. That was pretty cute too. Here she is in her diaper. She actually looks high on catnip to me. What do you think?

Now that we have her quirkiness out of the way...Ivy was so sweet you could hardly stand it. She loved to be held like a baby. She loved cuddles and kisses. She liked to play with toys and loved catnip. In the evening she would lie on Allan's chest and fall asleep there. She was the alpha female and loved everything about the role. She was adorable and I'm going to miss her more than I can say. There is a hole in our family.

Ivy, please say hi to Charas, Izzy, Dad and Grandma for me. They will take care of you baby girl.