Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wasp Trap Comparison

I saw a post recently about this trap. I bought one and found that it did not work for us using the included bait. Our Tanglefoot Trap {below} outperformed it spectacularly. Until we ran out of the Tanglefoot bait. Once we didn't have the Tanglefoot trap up, the Rescue trap worked well. If they have a choice the wasps will go into the Tanglefoot trap. If not they will go into the Rescue. Not quite as many, but quite a few. We have started using Near Beer in the top and every few days we just pour the beer with the dead wasps into the garden and refill with beer.

Tanglefoot, I have heard, has been purchased by Scott's. We cannot find any traps or refills, but I am sure it will be available again soon.

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