Monday, February 01, 2016

February is National Embroidery Month. Shall we celebrate!!

Is this not the most beautiful embroidery you have ever seen? I sure think so. This is The Bed Chamber of Marie Antoinette At Versailles. Can you imagine that someone actually went to bed every night in this incredible bedding. I am in awe...and I do not awe easily.






  1. OH so so beautiful. Each and every one.

    1. I think so too. It was fun looking at 100's of embroideries for the post.

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  3. February is National Embroidery Month, Erin? Who knew? I have my mother's embroidered tablecloth and some lovely pillowcases my friend embroidered for me. I so admire the talent. Your pictures are beautiful! P. x

  4. Lovely! Especially the flowers

  5. The flowers look Superb. Here comes the National Embroidery Month again :) Are you also providing Embroidery Digitizing Service ?

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