Sunday, April 24, 2016

Apple blossoms. Just apple blossoms.

Apple blossoms always remind me of my grandmothers apple trees. I was an unusual child. I would stand in her gardens for hours looking at flowers. And veggies. And fruit. I loved the apple blossoms as much as any flower in the gardens. I still do. I wonder if that is how I ended up with nine apple trees? I took these pictures of some pretty blooms today. The really pink one is my Pink Lady Apple tree. They look a lot like crabapple flowers don't they. I can't wait to see the apples.


  1. Beautiful Erin....and the scent..Joy!

  2. Gardening is like magic, isn't it.

  3. Apple blossoms are so delightful and your Pink Lady is beautiful. We have some very old apple trees that produce fruit for the deer to enjoy. I must take a walk and see if they are in bloom yet. P. x