Sunday, April 03, 2016

Mountains of wood chips and manure

Yet again I tracked down a wood chipper working in the neighbourhood and they were good enough to dump the load of chips in our driveway. They are beautiful finely ground chips. Allan and I spread the whole pile around the yards today, focussing on the areas that had turned to mud. It was odd actually. It looked like a small load but it just seemed to expand to this!! It was my first really heavy day in the yard this year. I am tired and sore, but wow, so thankful for a day like this, and a body that lets me work this way.

The chips being dumped in mounds, and then I, the raker, spread them where they need to go.

I have never had a blister forming like this before. It's about 2.5" long. And another little one on my finger. Ahhhh, that is a good days work.

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