Sunday, January 29, 2017

To me, Vintage Pyrex is Art.

I really love vintage Pyrex. This area of my Pyrex cupboard has my Primary Colour Mixing Bowls, my Fire King Jadite mugs and egg cups and the bright and wonderful Friendship pieces.
Primary Colour Mixing Bowls with a French Country Tea Towel
Pink Gooseberry bowls with a Pink Gooseberry Tea Towel. My favourite pattern.
Here is a turquoise baking dish with a vintage hand mixer. An eBay find. The bowls are Blue Amish or Butterprint. A Snowflake covered baking dish and two smaller Blue Amish baking dishes.
My very favourites!! PINK!! On the top shelf is a set of Pink Gooseberry 'Fridgies'. They were used to store food in the fridge. That pink striped bowl is a real treasure. Very hard to get your hands on. The pile of four, is a mix of Cinderella Bowls and baking dishes with the tea Towel.

And here is the whole cupboard. There are other pieces I have with serving dishes, bowls and baking dishes that I use regularly. These are my little treasures. I did use a couple of them at Christmas, but they aren't used often.


  1. These are beauties and I love how you cherish them and display them with pride. Art comes in many forms. xox

  2. Thank you Lee. It is how I nourish my creative side. Maybe someday, I'll learn to paint!!