Thursday, July 26, 2018

I am loving Micro Clover! Look how pretty.

My existing Micro Clover areas are looking amazing. I am doing it in sections and a couple weeks ago I seeded the third section. I am very excited with the colour and density of the clover. It is just pretty wonderful!! I originally got rid of all my lawn to put in a massive garden. It just didn’t look pretty. All the wood chips gave it a very ‘rugged and messy’ look. I didn’t like it. I actually worried a bit about fire as well. I thought with all the fires the past few years in BC, if a single spark ever hit my yard, it would go up like a tinderbox. So here is what it is looking like right now. 

By the way, we are in a drought situation here in BC and I haven’t watered the established clover in weeks. Look how green it is. 

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