Sunday, March 10, 2024

Can I really be thinking Christmas in March?

I have LOVED Christmas all of my life. I listen to the music year round and look forward to the decorating, baking, wreath making and cooking the turkey. I have been doing it all for 50 years and a bit. It never gets tired. See how easily I can go off on a tangent when it was simply a plant that triggered this post. I have been looking for a red Amaryllis since moving to this little island four years ago. They are not easy to find when you can't just pop into stores at will because going anywhere is a ferry ride. A wonderful neighbour just gifted me an amaryllis plant in full leaf and green buds. I asked what colour it is... she said she thought it was red. Today the first flower started to open. It is indeed a red. It was in the sun and had sparkle on it. 

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