Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This grasshopper needs a master

I stopped by to say hello to my sister tonight. Her landlord, and urban homesteader, Jim was working in his amazing garden. I often look out my sisters window and admire Jim's garlic. I asked Jim if after harvesting he would give me a plant to break up and start my own garlic patch. He said yes. Jim is a very giving guy and great sharer of knowledge. He doesn't seem to mind all my questions, so I hope to have some good gardening conversations with him. I must say, as well, he has the most beautiful compost I've ever seen. Compost is an art that I have never mastered. I think this 'grasshopper' needs to watch the master and learn.

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  1. Hi Erin! Thanks for bookmarking me. I have bookmarked you as well. We can learn from each other. Your blog looks great. I love the fresh clean look of it. It makes your pictures really stand out. Motivated me to update mine. Check out the new and improved blog: Good luck to you!!!