Sunday, December 18, 2011

Calendula flowers in the dehydrator

We have a customer I'll call J. He does a bang on rooster crow. We are graced with said rooster crow a couple times per week. J brought me a bouquet of calendula flowers the other day. In the bouquet was a dried flower head full of seeds. Yayyy. I was actually going to order some seeds to grow calendula for tea and making salves next year. Today I was going to dispose of the flowers and realized that I could dehydrate them. Duh.
The petals of calendula are small and light. Which means...they blow all over the place in a dehydrator. I think I should have figured that out before hand. They are now in the greenhouse drying in a dish.
I've just washed a box of mandarin oranges. Why you ask? I found a recipe for a rub which calls for dried mandarin orange peels, buzzed up to a coarse meal..mixed with herbs, coarse pepper and salt. Rosemary-Mandarin Orange Spice Rub. Doesn't that sound wonderful.

The link will take you to the recipe located on one of my favorite blogs. Check out Northwest Edible Life. Erica is a wonderful writer, hilariously funny and brilliant at what she does.


  1. Oh yum! Thanks for flagging this recipe up Erin, I think it would be delicious over pork fillet or gammon ham. What's especially great about this, is that I usually throw citrus peel away as I can't compost it. Now I have a use for it! Yayy! Caro x

  2. Hi Caro. Doesn't it sound awesome! I have told the peels. I can't wait to try it. Since starting to grow food this year, I want to try everything with food. I am thankful for the great tools I have. Like my dehydrator.

  3. Calendulars are my fav' flower xx

  4. That orange rub sounds delicious and I have all the ingredients--just printed it out. Thanks.