Thursday, July 26, 2012

Judy's garden tour

On Monday my neighbor Judy held a garden tour. Judy's vegetable garden was the inspiration that started my own garden journey last year. The garden was in perfect condition for the tour. The women who attended looked as impressed as I always am. Judy even made lunch for everyone. Later she brought a piece of Raspberry Flan over for Allan and I. It was incredible. She is the perfect neighbor.


  1. Hi Erin, i wish there are more photos of the plants and the garden. thanks.

    1. There will be more photos soon. I am doing a comparison between Judy's garden and mine. No contest really. It's pretty funny.

  2. I'm astounded by how green and lush everything is!
    Jane x

  3. It it has been so cold in this area that even lettuce is still growing. Everything is lush and green.