Monday, June 22, 2015

Bird houses and whirligigs

Robin whirligig

My sister and I were in Ontario a couple years ago. During our time there, we spent every minute we could with our Uncle Orrie. He is such a sweet man and has the best laugh. He is in his early nineties and still mows his lawn, weeds his gardens and takes care of the neighbours yard because she works two jobs. These are not tiny yards. Probably a half an acre.

Uncle Orrie is a little shaky now, but back when he had a steadier hand, he made some gorgeous whirligigs. The most stunning was a Canada Goose that was about three feet long. Tucked up by the rafters, was a little flock of robin whirligigs. I fell in love with how realistic the colours were and how perfectly 'Ontario' they were. I brought one back. Carefully placed dead centre in my suitcase to keep it safe.

Uncle Orrie is a builder of birdhouses. He has a classic style I call Uncle Orrie blue and red. Here is a picture of the house I bought on this trip and one that my sister Jess gave me. I chose a natural base colour. You can't see the red heart from this angle, but Classic Uncle Orrie. 

         Allan put them together on this tall post for me. 

Uncle Orrie does not have an easy life. After standing outside for at least an hour with us and then scooting up his stairs without holding the railing...he said "I love my life." He is a treasure. I love you so much dear uncle.

    Uncle Orrie then.

   Uncle Orrie now, with my incredible sister.

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