Thursday, March 02, 2017

Snowdrops....I love Snowdrops

I adore Snowdrops. Here on Vancouver Island they are the first bulb to flower in the spring. This year they were blooming when we left for Hawaii on Feb 1st. We returned home yesterday to a full bloom situation. I wanted to take a few photos to show me where they are planted. I need to know this because I like to add more every fall. Then I thought, why not share these with you so you can see how cute they are too.
A couple months ago we had a power outage and the greenhouse went down to zero one night...I was concerned about the orchids. They all survived, except this one. This is a Miltonia Orchid. You can see that even the green leaves and Pseudobulbs have started to turn brown from the bottom. That means dead. So now we know.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Well lookie here....another piece of pink Pyrex

We were in Honokaa yesterday. A small town up north on The Big Island of Hawaii. We took the long way to Hilo. We hadn't done this in years since they upgraded Saddle Road which is now called the Daniel J. Inouye Highway. It is a relatively straight line to Hilo now. So yesterday we took the old meandering route. We popped in and out of little shops along the way and I spotted this piece of Pink Pyrex. It has the tiniest little mark on the pink on one side, but other than that is mint. The lid they had is definitely NOT the right lid, so I will haunt Sidney Thrift shops until I find the right one. How adorable is this piece! Guess how much. Guess. $12.95. Two pieces of pink Pyrex found in the wild in one week. Yahoo!!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

My favourite store in Hilo did not disappoint.

I really lucked out in Hilo today. I found two beautiful Pyrex pieces. One was this amazing large pink casserole and I found another Snowflake casserole dish. I let my sister have the Snowflake dish because she really wanted one since she saw mine.

I found that lovely Royal Albert Brigadoon creamer as well as embroideries and crochet. That crochet doily looks like my grandmother's.

1960's beaded clutch
Pink Daisy Pyrex casserole

Sunday, January 29, 2017

To me, Vintage Pyrex is Art.

I really love vintage Pyrex. This area of my Pyrex cupboard has my Primary Colour Mixing Bowls, my Fire King Jadite mugs and egg cups and the bright and wonderful Friendship pieces.
Primary Colour Mixing Bowls with a French Country Tea Towel
Pink Gooseberry bowls with a Pink Gooseberry Tea Towel. My favourite pattern.
Here is a turquoise baking dish with a vintage hand mixer. An eBay find. The bowls are Blue Amish or Butterprint. A Snowflake covered baking dish and two smaller Blue Amish baking dishes.
My very favourites!! PINK!! On the top shelf is a set of Pink Gooseberry 'Fridgies'. They were used to store food in the fridge. That pink striped bowl is a real treasure. Very hard to get your hands on. The pile of four, is a mix of Cinderella Bowls and baking dishes with the tea Towel.

And here is the whole cupboard. There are other pieces I have with serving dishes, bowls and baking dishes that I use regularly. These are my little treasures. I did use a couple of them at Christmas, but they aren't used often.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My KitchenAid mixer...good for another 15 years?

I have had this wonderful old KitchenAid Mixer for about 15 years or so. It was a joint Christmas gift from Allan and my sister Jessica. I love it so much. Who knew that a mixer could have sentimental value. When I was using it last night to make Figgy Pudding, it was making a high pitched metal on metal sound when I turned it off, so I asked Allan if he knew what it was? Of course he grabbed some tools and began dismantling it. He found the sound was coming from some ball bearings that had no oil or grease. He gave them a shot of oil and it is good to go. I am so glad that I didn't need a new one. Although I would have used it until it ground to a slow and screeching halt never to run again. I don't like to replace things until they need replacing. There is something wonderful about using old things that I love.

This is what the inside of my old KitchenAid mixer looks like.



Monday, January 16, 2017

Figgy Pudding take two

Today I made a Sticky Figgy Pudding. I want to have this perfected for this years Christmas. It is pretty close I think. I'll know after I taste it. I made this one in a Bundt pan and it was a lot easier to make and to estimate the cooking time. I have a post ready and it will go live on December first this year. It will be the final recipe!!
In this photo you can see that there is excess Sauce as you are flipping the pudding out onto the plate. I should have cleaned that up before I took the photos. Gordon Ramsay would have thrown me out of the kitchen !!