Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Why haven’t I done a blog post lately you ask?

Well it’s a funny thing actually. Apparently I’m not 20 anymore. I was babysitting and ran after a three-year-old who was running towards the parking lot and took the fall of my lifetime. I badly broke my shoulder. So there is no gardening. No housecleaning. No showering. No washing my hair. Hence no photographs. So if you can bear with me, for a little while longer, I promise a new post as soon as I’m able.

And just because everyone needs a good laugh every day, here you go. 
I found this in Pinterest.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Orchid update!!! We have new roots forming.

Oh my gosh!!! Look at the roots on my phalaenopsis. This orchid was truly on deaths door when I moved it into a Semi Hydroponic ‘deli container’. I have killed so many Phalaenopsis orchids over the 40 years I have been growing orchids, it is embarrassing. So once I was certain this one was a goner, and believe me, I know, I moved it into this pot and just waited. First thing that happened, the wilting, soft, drooping and wrinkly leaves, plumped back up, raised back into position and turned dark green and shiny. Then this.....the roots have started branching!!!!

Even an air root has a baby.