Friday, February 20, 2015

Aaaand Macy's take two!!! {then we will get back to gardening!!}

So yesterday we were reading the newspaper and saw a one day sale at Macy's with door crashers. I got up at about 7am and showered right away. No big deal you say. HA!!!!! I am NOT a person who is out the door at nine. I like to lollygag and have coffee and........ We left here at nine and got there at 9:15. It was a well planned assault. "You go to luggage and I'll go to Egyptian Cotton sheets". I moved like the wind. Found them!! Only one white and a cream colour in Queen Size. Grabbed those babies. Allan brought the luggage we needed to my check out and we paid. 

Here are the sheets:

Here is the original price:

And here is our receipt for the sheets and luggage:

Egyptian Cotton sheets for $39.99. Check out the total savings of $340.03!!!

I had no intention of buying bedding in Hawaii. I won't even get into how badly we needed it. {the duvet cover has a tear about ten inches long...} We don't like to replace things until we really need to. It had reached that point my friend. Trust me!!! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Martha Stewart really has a way with colour.

I saw a beautiful quilt at Macy's when we were in Hawaii. They only had one of these in a twin size. I went to the counter and asked if they had a king and those cool shams. They had them in Montana and I must tell you how this played out. The sticker price of the quilt was $260.00 and the shams were $60.00 each for a total of $380.00. It was Macy's and there was a sale on. The woman said it would be 40% off. I was happy. That would have made it $228.00. When she rang them in this is what came up. Yes, that says $79.65 including taxes. SOLD!!!!!!!!!

ItemDetailsShip datePrice
Martha Stewart Collection Flower Song King Quilt
Color: Bright Orange
Martha Stewart Collection Flower Song Standard Sham
Color: Bright Orange
Martha Stewart Collection Flower Song Standard Sham
Color: Bright Orange
Order Total:$76.47
Standard Shipping: FREE
Sales Tax:$3.18
Total: $79.65

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Pyrex Holy Grail...Lucky in Love

There is a certain piece of PYREX that every collector hopes to stumble on. And this is it! 

It is called Lucky in Love. This one sold for $4250.00 USD. And if you read the description, it had a few light scratches. It wasn't even MINT!! This dish is so rare that at one point the collecting community thought it might actually be an urban myth. Then in 2012 one appeared on eBay. And let the frenzy commence. 

Vintage 1950s/60s Pyrex Covered Casserole "Lucky In Love"

 See original listing

Item Sold

Item condition:
A few light scratches inside. A few manufacturing flaws on the hearts.

Feb 14, 2015 , 4:00PM

Winning bid:
US $4,250.00

69 bids ]


Item location:
Stanhope, New Jersey, United States


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Well...who would have thought that I would find these treasures in Hawaii?

Sister Jess and I went out for a craft shopping trip while we were in Hawaii. We stumbled on an incredible selection of Pyrex and at the best prices we have ever seen. As usual the battle cry is, how will we get this home. After bringing home a Vitamix a couple years ago, everything seems easy in comparison. My sister bought a mint condition Friendship Cinderella Mixing Bowl Set exactly like this one. Incredible. She also got two Friendship baking dishes. One orange and one yellow.


My Pyrex find!! One red bowl from the Primary Color Mixing Bowl set that my mother in law had. She had the yellow and green in mint condition, but no red and blue. The red I found is in really good shape. I also got a 1.5 quart blue on white snowflake baking dish. It is lovely and mint. This is what it looks like. If I should win the lottery....I will be known as 'that crazy Pyrex lady'. I can hear Allan now, 'what does winning the lottery have to do with you being the crazy Pyrex lady?' Point taken.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Look what I came home to today!! Doors!! We have a kitchen!!

We have doors. We have a kitchen!!

Look glass doors. I have a plan for those. {see below}

This is what the kitchen looked like this morning.

My wonderful little Pyrex and Jadite collection!!

We have our table back.

And little Charlotte testing our temporary plywood counter top.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

I rarely make two posts in a day. I've made an exception.

I am so excited. We have clear areas and the kitchen is semi-functional.

The dining room is almost clear. 

{the sink just looks black in this ipad's actually stainless}

We have a stove in the kitchen....sort of. My Dad made us that rolling dolly about twenty years ago. Here it is again, being a life saver. 

I am cooking. 

We can do dishes in the half sink.

And I'm cooking.