Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The new gardens look incredible. Just what I pictured a year ago. Part one.

Raised vegetable gardens may not be everyone's idea of a beautiful garden, but it is mine. I was looking across the yard this evening, and it took my breath away. It just looks so...perfect. Even though there are pots strewn about, wheelbarrow full of mulch and seed planting supplies everywhere. After we moved about two yard of soil into the three new raised beds, I got the sunflowers, nasturtiums, sugar peas, dill, beets and carrots planted. I put about half of Aunt Helen's wild strawberries under the blueberries. I am going to keep at least one in a pot, until I know they've taken.
Hugelkultur bed...Sidney style
I redid the little dirt dams around the fruit trees. And I extended the lasagna bed about four feet. It was about eight very long straight hours of work in the hot sun.
I have a sun burn on my arm. I rarely burn. Sweet!!!

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished gardens.


GirlSprout said...

How exciting for you. I built my first tiny raised vegetable bed this year. :)

.09 Acres said...

Looks great already! You are going to love it, and so will your plants. Looks like you also started using cardboard to smother your grass. Is that right? If so, two thumbs up to you. Down with mowing!

Erin said...

Hi GS. I will try to find a picture of it in your blog.
Hi .09. I have a store so the one thing we have lots of, it's cardboard. It is 3-5 layers deep. I have lawn creeping along the inside of the raised bed sides in my existing raised beds, and I really don't want that to happen with these. I am using my weed whacker as a weeding tool. I am taking the paths that I want to mulch right down to dirt. Then I'm going to use my super secret blend of weed and plant killing liquid to it. Then mulch. The tenacity of the buttercups has really freaked me out, and they won't stand a chance now. I'm on to them.

debsgarden said...

Congratulations! Nothing is quit so satisfying as starting a new garden project and seeing progress after hours of hard work. Good luck with the plantings. It sounds like your garden will be as beautiful as it is tasty!

Anonymous said...

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