Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo essay. What the garden is doing right now.

Grouping waiting to be planted

Radishes ravaged by slugs. Note Sluggo beads on ground.
NZ Spinach

Tomatoes crawling along Greenhouse roof.
Organic catnip
Twisted Pepperoncini Pepper.


Gardeningbren said...

Wow...awesome!! Now, please tell me if your tomato plants in the greenhouse have many flowers and if they are being pollinated. Thank you.

love the little sign with the tearful bunny ;-)

Erin said...

Hi Brenda. The tomato plants have quite a few tomatoes, but also has a fair bit of blossom drop. I thought it was temperature, but now that you mention it...I haven't been seeing very many bees. I'm going to hand pollinate them. Didn't even think of that. As usual are such an important gardener. You help out the new guys !!! Thank you.
The bunny was a gift from my little sister about 25 years ago. The little sign, probably 15 years ago from a long gone shop in Trounce Alley called All in Bloom. It was lovely. It is now a show store. Same owner...fantastic funky shoes.
See how my mind drifts. Darned menopause.

George said...

I too have lots of stuff waiting to be planted. They have been waiting and waiting. Ninety degree weather just does not encourage me to garden. I have a great volunteer bush of NZ spinach. Don't like the taste raw. Do you have a recipe you like. I should not let it go to waste.

Gardeningbren said...

That is why I moved my two pots outdoors last week... I was seeing blossom drop, although the windows in the summerhouse were wide open and there always seem to be a few insects drifting in and out. Heat will do that too,cause blossom drop, so possibly that was it. Still, our weather is so great right now, why be inside when you can be outside fruiting ;-)

Erin said...

Hi George...I have never grown or tasted it before. I also hate to waste so I'll try to come up with something.

Erin said...

I moved some of my potted lavenders into the greenhouse. Although, I noticed that my huge garden lavenders which are usually covered with honeybees. I don't think I've noticed any. I'm worried about them.

Jennifer said...

The delphiniums and lupins will be a nice addition. I love the little sign and the disappointed bunny.

Erin said...

Thanks Jennifer. I love the colour combination of the lupins and delphiniums are lovely together. Isn't the bunny adorable. A gift from my sister a LOOOONNG time ago.