Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dill pickle aftermath

Today was dill pickle day. I made ten litre jars using ten pounds of Dan's Farm lovely organic cucumbers and dill. I used my own HUGE garlic cloves. I tested my peppers but they aren't nearly ready. So I have no hot dill pickles. Oh well, next year.

My neighbour Lance is making antipasto today. We are going to trade a jar. How fun.
Final Product...ten jars
Now the aftermath part!!


Gardeningbren said...

Good for you, they look great!! Love the dill bouquet.

Erin said...

Isn't the dill pretty. I said to Allan, when I get my little farm...I will have a big beautiful dill bouquet on the table. The kitchen looked a lot worse when I was done than the pictures showed. It was AWESOME!!