Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fall cleanup and small harvest

It was absolutely beautiful today. I grabbed a coffee and went out to play. What a lovely full day. I started out just strolling around and checking things out. One thing lead to another and before you know it, four hours have passed. I pulled out plants that looked 'done'. Including all the tomatoes in the greenhouse. Taken down and soil smoothed and watered. Sprinkled with lettuce seeds. I figure our weather is similar to February - March when my lettuce was in its glory. So I am hopeful that we can get lots. I really miss my fresh lettuce. I took down the shade cloth in the greenhouse. Brought the Lemon Verbena and Bay Laurel into the greenhouse for the winter. I picked my dried beans and set the beans out to dry a bit more. I raked up the holly leaves over at Barb the neighbors side of the house...she has beautiful dogs that I don't want stepping on the nasty dry sharp leaves.
I still have a lot to do tomorrow...which would actually be today as its 2:15am right now. Maybe I should get rested for what will hopefully be another lovely day on the west coast.

It WAS another gorgeous day. We moved the Meyer Lemon into the greenhouse. I unwrapped the rigid plastic coiled thing that protected the trunk. Under it was the name label and a tight plastic tie. I'm glad I undid it. The tie was so tight that any growth would have dented the trunk. I potted a French Lavender for Amanda and planted my huge specimen in the lasagna garden where it will bring bees to that side of the yard. I pulled out a squash and took out the Berries Galore. Neighbor Judy brought me my Rainier Strawberries that she started for me. I planted them. I gave her the mystery strawb that my sister gave me the parent of. I gave her five of the six I've started. They are awesome. I think I will call them Jessica Strawberries. I washed pots and little plant labels and put them away. I washed out the water bell fountain and put it in the shed. I did so much work I think even my okole is going to be hurting tomorrow.

Amanda and Noel's cat Hugo found two of these caterpillar guys. Creepy. I killed one the other day thinking it was a tomato hornworm. That really isn't my style, but I panicked. Today I just moved them to the front. Now I read they are quite lovely butterfly's or moths. I'm sorry dude.


Mark Willis said...

I had a similar day yesterday. When the weather is fine one thing just leads to another, and what starts out as one small job can end up being a whole load of them! Soon it will be sweeping-up of leaves...

Erin said...

It really is a lovely time of year isn't it Mark? I find as I am pulling things out, I am planning for next year. Gardening is brilliant fun.

Gardeningbren said...

It's a wonderful time of year heh Erin. Last of things coming out of the garden, zuk's, cherry tomatoes, beans for saving seed now mostly. You have had a great year and I have so enjoyed following.

As for the caterpillar...try not to panic ))))))... a trusty book will identify them and if they aren't quite what you want in the garden...surely they can find another place to live.

Now, what are we going to grow next year? mmmmmmmmm

Erin said...

It is a wonderful time of year. It is so beautiful still. Hot actually, My neighbor brought over a large amount of stuff for the compost bin. I dug out my very tiny carrots and beets. They are almost comical. Little cartoon veggies.
It has been wonderful following your blog!!
Bring on the seed catalogs!!