Sunday, January 20, 2013

Westcoast Seed Order...placed and waiting

I got my Westcoast Seed Order placed. I had Yukon Gold potatoes on the list but decided to wait until closer to planting time. As you can see I got larger packages of lettuce seed this time. I am able to grow lettuce almost year round, so I've just taken a small mason jar and mix the seeds up in it. I'm well set for the next year at least. Next week is the date I have for starting the pepper seeds, so I really wanted those Orange Sun Pepper seeds. Bring on spring.

SP713A Spinach>Monstrueux de viroflay 5 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
SQ761A Squash>Waltham butternut 1 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
BN120A Beans dry>Borlotti 50 g 1 $ 3.49 CA
BN142A Beans dry>Orca 50 g 1 $ 3.39 CA
BT162A Beets>Winterkeeper lutz green leaf 5 g 1 $ 3.25 CA
CF306A Cauliflower>Amazing 0.1 g 1 $ 3.29 CA
LT460B Lettuce>Salad bowl 5 g 1 $ 3.99 CA
LT481B Lettuce>Freckles 5 g 1 $ 4.95 CA
LT478B Lettuce>Rouge dhiver 5 g 1 $ 3.99 CA
PP649A Peppers>Orange sun 0.2 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
SQ735A Squash>Spaghetti squash 3 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
TM786A Tomato seeds>Sungold 1 g 1 $ 4.99 CA
HR1037A Borage>Borage 2 g 1 $ 2.99 CA
HR1085B Dill>Long island mammoth 5 g 1 $ 3.95 CA
FL3454A Wildflowers>Alternative lawn wildflower blend 5 g 1 $ 5.99 CA

*The order came in this week. Yayyy. The Waltham Butternut Squash and Long Island Mammoth Dill back ordered. 


Mark Willis said...

How did you manage to keep your list so small, Erin? I think you've been very restrained!

Erin said...

Well thank you Mark. Actually, I have SO many seeds from last year, I probably didn't need anything. Oh, do you have a list of seed life?

Jay said...

Though I didn't have too much luck with them, Orange Sun peppers are supposedly very productive. Monstrueux de viroflay is an incredible producer in my climate during the winter - though like many spinach varieties - its seeds will not sprout until temps go down below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.