Monday, May 13, 2013

And the blueberry walk is under way.

It poured off and on today. I thought "well, no better time to plant." I had a large Dixi Blueberry in a pot. Since spreading the alpaca manure in the potted plant it is lush and beautiful. I made it the central plant in the new Blueberry Walk. I will put two more on either side of the central Dixi. 
Neighbor Judy brought me a division of her parsley. I think the only annual herb I will grow is cilantro and maybe Italian Parsley. Oh, and dill!! 

This bottom picture was taken in the same place I was standing last year, asking myself where I s going to plant the Dixi Blueberry. Obviously the border read full and this was an impulse buy. I have read Carolyn Herriot's book Zero Mile Diet many times over. She has the most incredible Berry Walk. It suddenly hit me that with some excavation and grass and clay removal we could have blueberries down the greenhouse side of the path. My own Blueberry Path. Thank you for the inspiration Carolyn.

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