Thursday, March 20, 2014

A second camera? No more missing garden pictures?

I seem to constantly require my camera. Which will invariably be either at my house, or in my store, whichever place I am NOT at that moment. I have missed shots of a work in progress in the garden as well as wanting to do an update of the store website....and no camera.
My old Panasonic Lumix came from Costco in Kona Hawaii. We have just returned from Hawaii and I'll be darned...the Panasonic Lumix was on sale for $169.00.
Now I have two. One at the store. One at home. I won't miss nearly as many of those "sitting on the edge of your seat" exciting garden photos. 


Mark Willis said...

It's a shame that cameras aren't "self-propagating" !!
As it happens, I have just acquired a Panasonic Lumix too, though it is a different model to yours. Mine is a DMC -FZ72, if that means anything to you!

Erin said...

I was looking at a FZ270 while there. It reminds me a bit of yours. It was on sale for $299.99. It was a tough decision. In the he end the simplicity of the "point click" won out.