Monday, July 28, 2014

A perfect use for those water bottles...

Horizontal branches bear more fruit than lateral. So a lot of people pull their dwarf tree branches down using stakes. I recently saw a picture in Pinterest of someone using water bottles instead of stakes. I got my hands on some bottles and and here is the result. I also pruned my cherry tree slightly. I plan to use Paul Gautschi's pruning technique, but it requires the weight of the fruit to pull the branches down. I can't imagine a cherry crop that heavy. I hope I'm wrong!!

By the way, look how most of the back yard is wood chips now. I have had to take a breather, literally. I'm not sure but I think maybe the wood chip pile steam I've been breathing in may actually be mold spores or something like it, and the cough I can't shake may not be a summer cold. It hasn't stopped me completely, but I really watch the wind direction and am never downwind. 


Gardeningbren said...

Years ago, I found out that if I took a rose branch and bent it like you fruit tree branches, roses would bloom all along the branch. So it makes sense about your fruit trees. Cut off all the spurs growing upwards. That's what we learned at the farm.

Careful with the could haunt you later. Take lots of vitamin c. Good for asthma.

Erin said...

I will be careful with the chips. I think I'll pick up some masks.