Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The buttercups were on the assistant built the wall to hold them back

As you know, Buttercups have been a challenge since day one of my gardening. They creep along the ground and get into everything. Once we had everything cleared out for the back yard garden, they seemed to get their second wind and just went for it. The buttercups in the lawn were encroaching quickly into the garden at the front of the house. See how the lawn looks weird and bumpy? Those are Buttercups. I asked my assistant if he could move up the time line for the little wall to hold back the lawn and weeds. Today was that day. And it looks wonderful too. Thank you Allan.

The right hand side of the edging ends in an odd place. Why? We are going to take that little entryway and make it larger, so the garden edging will meet up with the new brick wall going there. 


Gardeningbren said...

Very nice Erin!! Also a good idea to make the entrance a bit bigger. Will stand by for further photos.

Erin said...

Thank Brenda!! It will look really nice when it's done. Yayyyy.